We provide the highest quality denture care service from your home or at our new clinic.

We offer a wide range of services from making new dentures in a week, same-day repairs, to denture cleaning. Our patients have a wide range of teeth to select from, as well as options for chrome dentures, high impact dentures, and soft linings for extra comfort.

Home Visits

Our Denture Clinic is devoted to going the extra mile to help meet our patient’s needs and requirements and this often means that a home appointment is needed. This may be because of mobility problems, fear of Dental Practice settings, unable to travel or just because it’s more convenient and less stressful. One of our main focuses is to make sure our patient’s wellbeing and understand that it can be stressful to travel to your Dental Clinic and meet all the appointments that are needed to manufacture a custom made the denture. This can often lead to patients having no choice but to carry on wearing ill-fitting dentures, which can cause sores, embarrassment and poor eating experience.

Are You in Need of New Dentures?

We offer custom made dentures within a week using the very best materials available. Such as Cobalt Chrome dentures (Metal Dentures), high impact acrylic dentures and soft lining dentures for sensitive lower arches (Rubber lined dentures). Your Oral Health is very important to us and so is your quality of life. Here at Advanced Denture Solutions Burntwood, we understand how poor quality and ill-fitting dentures can affect your wellbeing greatly.

Do you suffer from the following problems?:
  • Is upper denture loose/dropping down?
  • The lower denture doesn’t feel stable/moving around?
  • Frequent sores caused by an ill-fitting denture?
  • Feel like you don’t show enough teeth when you smile?
  • The trouble with chewing or speech?
  • Embarrassed to smile?
  • Dentures are built up in plaque or stained?
  • Not happy with the colour/size of the teeth?
  • Does food easily get trapped under your denture?

If any of these issues apply to you or a friend then please do not hesitate to call for a free home consultation or stop by our clinic today.


General Dental Council No.

We offer all aspects of Denture Solutions, please select one of our services for more information:

Customer Reviews:

“Dear Mr Browne, I just wanted to get in touch and say a massive thank you for your excellent service. I have been trying to
find someone to visit my mother in a care home for a long time without joy. She is very pleased with the dentures you have made and has put a smile
back on her face, thank you so much”

– Sylvia from Cannock

“I would like to thank you for providing me with my new teeth, they have been amazing and by far the best set I have had. The
fit great and I’m eating a lot better. As you know I am registered blind, so I am most grateful for your home service. It made the whole experience
a lot easier and less stressful. Many thanks”

– Marjorie from Burton

“I am over the moon with my new dentures, thank you for your patience and understanding with me. You did everything I asked for
and more. I’ll make sure to pass your number on to my friends and family. Kind regards”

– Molly from Sutton Coldfield

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